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1 === Web-O-Rhythm is back (again)! ===
3 Welcome to the home of the classic biorhythm website, **WEB-O-RHYTHM**.
5 Thank you for your support and interest in Web-O-Rhythm. We have recreated the Biorhythm application using Groovy, Python and JFreeCharts.
7 --[[Today's Web-O-Rhythm>>doc:Biorhythm]] is my first attempt. Graphing for the next 30 days is shown, starting with today,
8 --
10 !=!=
11 |[[[[image:oldeClickHere.jpeg||height="112" width="112"]]>>doc:MonthlyBiorhythm]]|[[Monthly Web-O-Rhythm>>doc:MonthlyBiorhythm]] will graph your biorhythm data for the current month.\\[[Bi-monthly Web-O-Rhythm>>doc:BiMonthlyBiorhythm]] will graph your biorhythm data for the current month and for the following month.
13 === What is a biorhythm? ===
15 Three component cycles are tracked by a typical biorhythm. Each cycle has a different period but a common epoch, your date of birth. The three cycles tracked by Web-O-Rhythm are the [[Physical Cycle>>doc:Physical Cycle]], the [[Intellectual Cycle>>doc:Intellectual Cycle]] and the [[Emotional Cycle>>doc:Emotional Cycle]]. There is no scientific basis for interpreting the biorhythm chart. This information is for entertainment purposes only and we offer no warranty, express or implied.
17 === What is this Web-O-Rhythm thing you speak of? ===
19 Web-O-Rhythm is the classic biorhythm on the web from the mid-nineties. Web-O-Rhythm was sponsored by QNSnet, an early ISP/ASP that offered what we now call Cloud Computing services. Back in the day we used to call it time-share.
21 The old Web-O-Rhythm website was at ##http:~/~/ or ##http:~/~/ and produced GIF graphics like the image on the left. The image on the right is my attempt to recreate the results from 2004. I found the left image archived on Google images.
24 [[image:george.gif]][[image:george2004.png]]
26 This web application was created by my QNS colleague Brian but I can't remember which language was used. Was it Perl or C? I will ask Brian.
29 Here is an example Web-O-Rhythm image from my initial work in May 2011.
31 [[image:q-example.png]]
33 And here is an example Web-O-Rhythm from the rewrite in 2014, including a new composite biorhythm chart. Everyone has widescreen monitors in 2014, right? :)
35 [[image:pieBiorhythm.png]][[image:composite.png]]
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